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There are three ways to check up on problems:
  • Common Installation problems - see list below

  • E-mail Installation correspondance - please click here

  • Perfect installation process - click here and compare your experience


most common installation problems

Problem 1: programme will not download once registration questionnaire is completed

Solution: check that your system is Windows '98 or higher; unfortunately Coats EDV does not support earlier version than Windows '98 such as '95 or Windows NT. To find out what system you have - go to 'my computer' and 'right-click/properties' - this will tell you your system type

You can send the details to us by copying the information into an e-mail or using a screen capture function; we just need to know the following information from the example above:

Microsoft Windows 98 - Second Edition - 4.10.222 A


Problem 2: programme is downloaded but when self-installation is aborted; you search and find the programme but it fails to install; error message reads: "File missing"

Solution: replace your Windows Installer with the latest version from the Microsoft website; go to the following address and download Microsoft Installer Version 2:

Microsoft Downloads

When you have downloaded the file: InstMsiA.exe (1,709 Kb) you then go back to the Coats EDV site and download the Coats EDV software again - this time you should have no problems.


Problem 3: any other problem not listed above

Solution: describe in an e-mail as accurately as possible what happened and send us an e-mail - please take care to write out the content of any error messages - this will guide us to the possible solution to your problem as quickly as possible

Please remember to have information on your system type (whether Windows '98) prior to contacting us - please click here

Warning neither Coats Plc nor Wings Systems Ltd. can accept liability for any consequential damages caused by the use of this software; in case of doubt please consult an embroidery industry professional to advise you on the correct use of this type of software. Please refer to our legal notices for more details. Both Coats Plc and Wings Systems Ltd would be pleased to offer advice and recommendations through their dedicated service networks.