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FAQ's on installation problems
If you have an installation problem see if you can find out the answer from the list below:


Important Notice:

We have simplified the download process to make it easier to download the Coats EDV programme.

If you have had problems before please try again - you will find it much easier and you can be confident of success.

Please contact us if you experience any problems.

Many thanks from the

Coats EDV Support Team



I have attempted many times to download and install the viewer. I have tried all 3 options to 'save' to my hard drive, 'save' to my floppy disk and also attempted to 'open' straight from the site. I get the message "unable to find /InstMsiA.exe" I know I must be doing something wrong. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks - Erma


Dear Erma - thanks for your message - you are cutting your internet connection too soon before the programme has had a chance to download; please note that the programme is in two halves and the file your computer is looking for is the second one; please try again and let me know if you are successful.

It may help to install an updated version of Windows Installer 2.0 which can be found at the reference below:

Microsoft Downloads

Best regards - Alick

Reply to answer

Dear Alick - it worked !!! it took over 15 minutes when I left it alone - many thanks - Erma



I believe that I downloaded your program correctly, however I can't seem to find it on my system. Can you help me? Thanks, Sheri


Sheri - look in your computer under 'C:\Program Files' and you should have a folder called 'Wings Systems Ltd' - if so then the software has downloaded correctly. Look inside the sub-folder called 'Coats EDV' and click 'Coats EDV.exe' icon and the programme will open.

To save time in future save this icon onto your desktop.

Alternatively click 'start' menu on bottom LH corner of your desktop, select 'programs' and you should find 'Coats EDV' at the bottom of the list as Microsoft normally have the latest installed programmes at the bottom. Please let me know how things go - many thanks - Alick Campbell - Coats plc.


Two-part correspondance

Question 1

Hello - your download for the embroidery design viewer does not work... the file does
not extract when clicked on. - please help me - Teri

Answer 1

Dear Teri - thank you so much from trying to download our software - please could you take the steps below:

do you have a windows 98 system or higher? let us know your system type (right-click on 'my computer' and select 'properties' this will tell you system details which you can pass to us). unfortunately the software is not supported if you have a system earlier than Windows 98 such as NT
if you have a Windows 98 system or above then please let us know what happens to prevent you downlaoding the software in as much detail as possible
Please don't give up - it is very good software and we will try our best to help you. - thanks - Alick

Question 2

Hello again,

I am running Windows '98 and here is what is happening when I tried to download.
I eventually did get the setup file to launch the installer by right clicking and opening. The installation appeared uneventful. However, I am experiencing many errors with opening and running the program. The shortcut file does not appear on my desktop but the program is listed in my start menu. If I try to open the program using start, programs, CoatsEDV, I get the error:

C:\Windows\application data\microsoft\installer\{C8E2DEF5-DFC3-4515-B4A7-AC73D38C7B64}\_69525f90.exe is not a valid Win32 application

By searching my computer found the application file in my program files folder and manually opened the program and was able to use it. However, I cannot browse thumbnails of any file other than Wings file extensions. Am I supposed to be able to see .dst designs in thumbnail view while using the browse feature? All I see is a folder icon and the design name. Once I select the design I am able to view it.

Just in case an error occurred during installation, I found the installer file and attempted a "repair" but get the error:

"A network error occurred when attempting to read from the file C:\windows\temporary internet files\Content IE5\S92FCL2R\CoatsEDV.msi"

I hope I will be able to use the program, it does look like it would be very helpful!

Thank you for your help,

Answer 2

Congratulations - you have successfully downloaded the software. The problems you experienced are set-up bugs in our system which we are trying to fix; these do not affect the performance of the software in any way.

To make things easier you can copy the icon onto your desktop so you can find it easily next time.

No - you can't read a DST file - only Tajima software can read it straight from the browser which you have to pay for; in all other software the files also come up blank.

If you save files in the NGS format or the MLS format of Wings Systems then you can read these designs direct from your browser by clicking 'file/browse' and it goes into MS explorer browser mode. This is a priceless feature because if everyone you need to communicate with uses the software then you can all see the designs easily and as the software is free of charge it has no disadvantages.

Glad to know the download was successful and we will let you know details of any updates when they come (the first upgrade is in May)

Best regards - Alick


Question [the Techies guide to what is going on]

What happens when the file downloads?


  1. The process is like this:
  • the HTTP Link "getfile.php" points to the 'Setup.exe' on our server which is 64k
  • the user then runs the 'Setup.exe' protocol which does the following:
    sees the current installed version of Microsoft installer (if any) and if it is less than Version 2.00 it
    downloads either InstMSIA.exe (Windows 98/Me) or InstMSIW.exe (Windows-2000)
  • downloads the <.msi> file which contains all installation instructions and dialog boxes that appear during
    the download process
  • starts asking installation questions (Licence Agreement, directory, etc.)
  • downloads the <.CAB> file which contains all the actual files
  • copies files to their appropriate directories, as defined by the .msi file on Windows-98/Me
  • if it upgraded the installer it restarts the machine.

......... more to follow

Warning neither Coats Plc nor Wings Systems Ltd. can accept liability for any consequential damages caused by the use of this software; in case of doubt please consult an embroidery industry professional to advise you on the correct use of this type of software. Please refer to our legal notices for more details. Both Coats Plc and Wings Systems Ltd would be pleased to offer advice and recommendations through their dedicated service networks.