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Perfect Download
We have described below an illustrated version of the perfect download process for you to compare with your experience - this will allow you to make the correct choices during your download - also to let us know exactly what is going wrong if it differs from version below.

Step 1: fill in questionnaire and press 'Register' button: a dialog box will now appear:

Step 2: now press the 'open' button and your computer will download this file: it is a 5.4MB file so it could take a long time to download - depending on your connection speed - a dialog box will keep you informed of progress as illustrated below: it will count up to 5.4MB:

Step 3: when the zipfile has been downloaded you can now disconnect from the internet - you will now see the following dialog box: let us know if you don't have all the files listed below:

Step 5: all you need to do is to double-click the 'Setup.exe' file in the zipfolder and the programme will start the installation process as illustrated below:

Step 6: Your Coats EDV programme should now be located at the following address on your hard disk:

C:\Program files\Wings Systems Ltd\CoatsEDV.exe

All you need to do is to double-click this programme and your software will start working; if you save this on your desktop you can easily find it in the future.

Important Message: It is important to us that you download and use this software successfully - if you experience any problems please let us know which of the Steps numbered above has caused you a problem and then click here to contact us for help

Warning neither Coats Plc nor Wings Systems Ltd. can accept liability for any consequential damages caused by the use of this software; in case of doubt please consult an embroidery industry professional to advise you on the correct use of this type of software. Please refer to our legal notices for more details. Both Coats Plc and Wings Systems Ltd would be pleased to offer advice and recommendations through their dedicated service networks.