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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions: we add to them regularly based on viewer responses on the site and your feedback from contact us page:

What can I use the Coats EDV for?

the software is designed to let you see the digitised embroidery design used to programme the major makes of embroidery machine; you can use it to keep track of your designs, exchange information with key customers and for record keeping; for more information please go to our features page

How do I install the software?

you can install the software by simply downloading it from this site; the rest of the process happens automatically; please go to our download page for more information

Will I be charged for using the software?

no - the software is provided free of charge

Can I pass on the software to friends and customers?

yes - but you must direct them to this site so we can advise them of upgrades and make sure that the software installed is properly onto their computers

Why won't a copy of my (previously downloaded) software work on another computer?

because the software incorporates a 'one-time installation-protection' programme which prevents unauthorised copies being made; all you need to do is to direct the new user to this site and they can download a fresh copy of Coats EDV software. The programme ensures that only the most updated copies are circulated to enable users to benefit from the latest upgrades

Can I charge anyone for using this software?

no - the software is given away free of charge and no financial gain can be made from the software itself - the exact terms are contained in the Legal notices page
of course we hope your business becomes more efficient by using this software - that is a different matter altogether !!

How do I find out more about Coats Plc. and Wings Systems Ltd. products?

simply use the links on the sidebar to access our websites - by filling in the Registration questionaire you will be advised by e-mail of any upgrades to the Coats Embroidery Design Viewer
If I have a problem loading the Coats EDV what can I do?

please go to our trouble-shooting page and look for common installation problems; the most common problem by far is that your operating system is lower than Windows '98 - unfortunately versions below this are not supported

Warning neither Coats Plc nor Wings Systems Ltd. can accept liability for any consequential damages caused by the use of this software; in case of doubt please consult an embroidery industry professional to advise you on the correct use of this type of software. Please refer to our legal notices for more details. Both Coats Plc and Wings Systems Ltd would be pleased to offer advice and recommendations through their dedicated service networks.