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System requirements

This section outlines the main system requirements for running Coats EDV 1.5

Computer requirements:

The software is downloads in zipfile which compresses 6MB or information into less than 3.5 MB; the software requires very small amounts of memory to run and the <.ngs> file sizes are small (less than 50k bites per average design).

For communication purposes it is advised to be connected to the internet or an e-mail server in order to exchange designs with your customers and their supply chains

Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
Pentium Processor 333 MHz Pentium Processor 500 MHz or above
64 MB Ram 128 MB Ram
200 MB hard drive space 200 MB hard drive space
Windows 98 or above Windows 98 or above
CD-Rom or Floppy Disk drive CD-Rom or Floppy Disk drive
Display 800 x 600 pixels 16-bit colour Display 1024 x 768 pixels True colour
Mouse, trackball or stick Mouse, trackball or stick
Warning neither Coats Plc nor Wings Systems Ltd. can accept liability for any consequential damages caused by the use of this software; in case of doubt please consult an embroidery industry professional to advise you on the correct use of this type of software. Please refer to our legal notices for more details. Both Coats Plc and Wings Systems Ltd would be pleased to offer advice and recommendations through their dedicated service networks.